English Teachers Nightmare

“Ever notice how conservatives bitch that immigrants need to learn/speak English, and yet MANY aren’t even fluent in their own language?”
You may have seen me post the above statement on Twitter recently and I know most people probably knew exactly what I was talking about,
but I thought I’d share a couple examples anyway, just in case.

I really only had the time and patience to underline some of the glaring spelling errors, but the pictures below should give you a pretty good idea of what I meant in my original tweet.

I have noticed that many, if not most, conservatives are guilty of the following:
– unnecessary double spacing
– adding a space between the last word of a sentence and its ending punctuation
– capitalizing words in the middle of a sentence for absolutely no reason
– using periods in place of commas
– not using any punctuation at all
– severe lack of understanding when it comes to homophones

Now before someone gets their panties in a bunch, I am by no means saying that liberals never make mistakes, because they do, and I’m sure I fuck up sometimes as well. The big difference is that the conservatives in question will boast about their intelligence while calling you a moran, or some other incorrect variation of moron. It’s also incredibly annoying when they either can’t or won’t write out simple words like you, are, and you’re. If you’re not dealing with a character limit like the one on Twitter, there is no excuse for not writing these simple words out.

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3 thoughts on “English Teachers Nightmare

  1. Seems typical. Conservatives these days don’t seem concerned with “checking” anything. Not fact checking, and not checking their work before they hit the submit button. It appears that a big difference between the left and the right is proofreading.


    • I’ve also noticed it’s worse among baby boomers and the generation before them, which is ironic because they’re always bragging about how wonderful the education system was back then.


  2. I love the title “English Teachers Nightmare”. It’s making my brain hurt. LOL but seriously, this is an epidemic, especially among North Americans it seems. Is it because education isn’t exactly a priority over here? Soon the English language will be a lost art, at least in its written form. Thanks for posting this.


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