Dinner With The “Enemy”

Thanks to my two-faced grandmother, the Daily Caller has been showing up in my Facebook feed multiple times, every day. Lucky me, right?  So I started going through the comments and taking screenshots, not leaving many replies though because we all know talking to Trumpsters is a massive waste of time.


The article in question was about whether or not Trump would dine with “the enemy”, the enemy being the media of course, especially the mainstream media. You can check it out here: Will Trump dine with enemy? (keep in mind most of these people don’t read past the headlines).

Trumpsters would have you believe that they’re the best and brightest the United States has to offer, my ever growing collection of screenshots doesn’t support this. This what Trumps devoted followers had to say on this issue.

Diana believes that the medias job isn’t to report the truth, no, their only purpose is to regurgitate whatever bullshit Trump tries to feed them, without question.

Veronica seems to think that it’s cruel and unfair for journalists to point out when Trump lies, which just happens to be all the time, and set the record straight. It’s not a journalists job to kowtow to the conservative minority and tell them exactly what they want to hear.

And this guy Mike, he must be a comedian, because saying “Trump can handle himself just fine” is a fucking joke in every way. I mean we’re talking about the bloated man-child that throws a tantrump over SNL every weekend, hung up on the Australian PM because he missed his nap, got his twitter taken away by his “handlers”, and defended his dick size during a political debate. These four things are more than enough to prove he can’t fucking handle himself. Sad!




I don’t even know where to start with Pete’s comment, I mean what the actual fuck is negotiativenism? That’s not even a word! And Trump is obviously intimidated by the press, otherwise, he wouldn’t try to delegitimize them every chance he gets, that’s what cowards do.

When did it become acceptable to verbally abuse journalists? I hate Fox News but they should still be treated with some semblance of respect. Trump is already incredibly unprofessional, but apparently, that’s what people like Joe want. They want a President that will lie and “verbally beat the crap out of” anyone who dares to challenge or question him, including our allies.

You’re right Tona, he should skip the dinner and take a day off from the job he’s not fucking doing, he’s definitely earned it. He doesn’t have anything better to do and we all know it.

Discrediting the media was one of the first things Hitler did when he first took office, this is right out of the Third Reich’s playbook and people like Bob either don’t know or don’t give a fuck that their encouraging Trump to continue with his Naziesque behavior.

In a way Timothy is correct when he says the press is biased, all media is biased to a certain degree but it’s not just the so-called liberal press that’s guilty of this, conservative sources are just as biased if not more so. When they make a big scene and pretend that they’re not biased they just make themselves look like absolute fools, conservative media is far from innocent.



I’m not entirely sure Julie even know what’s going on, she makes it sound as though whcd-4she’s going with Trump to the dinner, and I’m certain that isn’t the case. She also seems to be confused about who it is that’s really obsessed with rating here.

Here’s Bob, again… The liberal media isn’t the only one that will grill you in an interview. Bill O’Reilly does it to just about every guest he’s ever had, he’s even yelled at a few, but you never hear conservatives complain about that because they’re too busy hounding CNN for asking Trump a “tough” question or challenging Conway when she tries to feed us her alternative facts.

Even if the press is essentially challenging Trump to a debate, as the fucking President of the United States he should be competent enough to answer any question they throw at him, but he isn’t, he’s a goddamn coward. If Trump wasn’t a pathological liar I would have no problem with him posting on twitter and interacting with the public directly, but he’s fucking mental and incapable of taking responsibility when he’s done or said something wrong, It’s a very bad idea for a man like him to be allowed to bypass the media the way he has.

Trump and the rest of his team are the exact opposite of patriots, the very definition of a patriot is a person who vigorously supports their country and is prepared to defend it against enemies or detractors. Trump has done nothing to protect this country or it’s people, practically everything he’s said so far has been recruitment material for ISIS, not to mention the botched Yemen raid happened on his watch and the resulting deaths and injuries are entirely on his shoulders. A real patriot wouldn’t kowtow to Russia the way he has or turn our allies into enemies, which is exactly what he’s been doing since day 1.

Bob refers to liberals as cattle and low information voters, which is totally ridiculous because there are actual statistics showing that conservatives are the ones that tend to be low information voters and they prove it every time they open their mouths, of course, people like him only believe alternative facts nowadays, it’s only the truth if it matches what they want to believe. I won’t pretend that there aren’t crazy people on the left, there are, but for the most part, the indoctrination, lies, and hatred is coming from the loud mouth minority that believes it’s the majority.


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