Leave It To America To Use Water As A Weapon Against People Trying To Protect Water.

The way the Sheriffs Department has treated these protesters is absolutely despicable and the excuses they’ve used to justify their ruthless behavior is a fucking joke. These protesters were not rioting and they weren’t lighting fires with the intention of being destructive like the authorities have claimed, these were peaceful bonfires that the water protectors were using to keep warm. But as we’ve seen time and time again, the police just made up their own version of the “truth” to justify their unethical and immoral actions. No one is buying that they sprayed water directly onto protesters in freezing temperatures in order to put out fires, that is complete bullshit.

Authorities keep claiming that the protesters are violent and aggressive, but if this is true why is it that every video I’ve seen shows the exact opposite? I haven’t seen the water protectors siccing dogs on the police, using tasers, shooting them in the head with rubber bullets/bean bags, deploying concussion grenades, tear gas, noise canons, pepper spray, or using water canons against authorities, so what exactly are they doing that makes them so dangerous?

The Morton County Sheriffs Department aren’t the good guys here, not by a long shot, these officers have decided that corporate greed and environmental destruction is much more important than the safety of the protesters they’ve brutalized. Within the arminjury4last two days 300 people have been injured, and at least 27 were injured so severely they needed to be hospitalized. Some of the most serious injuries involved a tribal elder that went into cardiac arrest, a man with internal bleeding from a rubber bullet, a man who suffered a grand mal seizure, and 21 year old Sofia Wilansky who may lose her arm after it was destroyed by a concussion grenade. And to make matters worse, the police-enforced road block is preventing emergency services from getting to the wounded in a timely fashion. If these officers don’t just outright murder a protester(s), that road block is delaying ambulances and could easily cost someone their life.

Everyone should be outraged about this and I’m deeply disappointed at the lack of media coverage and concern shown for the protesters, the lands of Native people, the environment, and the blatant disregard for human rights. The Morton County Sheriffs dept., in my opinion, can never make up for what they’ve done and neither can they selfish cunts responsible for that pipeline.

If you’d like to support Standing Rock and their mission to stop the pipeline you can donate here, and a Go Fund Me page has been set up for Sofia Wilansky.


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