Faith At The Fair

I took my little brother to the fair over the weekend and we had a pretty good time despite the heat and long lines. It was a pretty typical fair experience, we got a snow cone and cotton candy, checked out the rides, then headed to the petting zoo where he got knocked over and mugged by some tiny goats for his cup of animal feed.

After that we made our way into the exhibit halls to check out the vendors and contest entries. Which is where we saw a woman handing out mardi gras beads, playing some good old Christian rap in the background, and taking prayer requests for a local fellowship. I kinda wanted to ask her some questions but I was with my brother so I snapped a picture and kept walking.

While looking at the various contest entries I couldn’t help feeling like the judges were a bit biased and/or have horrendous taste.

For example, in the photography exhibit there were some really incredible photos but the ones that won were frequently mediocre pictures of churches or faith based in general, which just didn’t make sense to me. And I don’t mean pictures of gorgeous cathedrals, I’m talking pictures of shitty local churches. I had taken a picture of a picture that got first place as an example but for some reason my phone didn’t save it… apparently even androids have “brain farts” from time to time.


Then there was the hobbies and collections hall where we saw that many of the first place ribbons were again awarded to collections that were ultra patriotic/conservative or faith themed, like in the picture above. Sadly, this is kind of what you come to expect when you live in the armpit of California.

Even thought there was an abundance of faith at the fair (because it just be horrible to leave god at home for once) I was pleasantly surprised to see that the Noah’s Ark storytelling group wasn’t there this year and neither were the crisis pregnancy center people, but I know they weren’t there this year because they’re at the women’s clinic protesting abortion for 40 days and 40 nights.

As we were leaving we happened upon a performance so cringeworthy I had to stop and record it. Considering how terrible she was it’s hard to believe the devil would want her even if he/she did exist. Oh and of course there was also a guy asking for  donations by the parking lot as well.

Atheists in Kern County are pretty rare and firebrand atheists are pretty much unheard of in this area and the people here never miss an opportunity to make sure you know you’re in the minority. It would be so nice to be able to go to an event or even just walk outside and not have everyone’s religion shoved in my face.


3 thoughts on “Faith At The Fair

  1. Hiya foxy

    read your post. my impression of California had always been different from what you describe and living in miserable England I am eternally jealous of your fantastic weather. However; reading this my envy is tempered quite a bit. At least I dont have to listen to all that garbage when I go somewhere in UK. Your day at the fair reminds me of my childhood growing up in an ultra islamic country and how everything (and do I mean EVERYTHING) was dosed with religious diatribe and bullshit. No matter what the occasion someone found an excuse to bring fucking allah into it and someone found an excuse to get everyone thanking allah for some crap or other. I ran away from all that because even as a child I found it intolerable and religion brought out the rage in me. Now as an adult and not a young one either I could never live in a place where I get this rubbish fed to me on an innocent day out with my kid. The American psyche that believes in all that hullabaloo is not one ounce more advanced than the Syrian/Iraqi or Saudi psyche that believes the islamic crap. It is shocking that people can live so safely in ignorance and yet create such a violently vicious world around us.


    • Not sure what part of California you visited but I can tell you that there are many places in California like this and the weather is really only great in a couple areas. For the most part California is a liberal state but there are a good handful of conservative wastelands like the one I live in, you’re not missing much.


      • as a tourist I only did the LA circuit and surrounding wine country routes – wanted to get to the windy city but lacked time and resources – as for the weather I am surprised at what you say – I though California is just fabulous weather always – also never realised that you have so many religitards there – very sad for a so called progressive society to have such backward beliefs


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