I Support After School Satan, Do You?

I have to give props to The Satanic Temple for starting the After School Satan program and stepping up to counter the hordes of evangelicals that are creeping into schools all across the country. Following the news that TST is starting the After School Satan program, specifically targeting schools hosting Good News Clubs, many Christians have shown just how hypocritical, intolerant, and ignorant they really are.

Many parents expressed concern that After School Satan (which advocates free thought) is just trying to indoctrinate their children, of course these same parents aren’t concerned in the slightest about groups like the Good News Club, despite the fact that the group has made it very clear their only goal is to poison the minds of children.

Mike Cheek, who has grandchildren in the Mount Vernon school district, says “This is going to be infectious and widespread… I know that if there is anything to do with Satan, it is dark and it is evil.” Funny, Christianity is an infectious and widespread disease that has a long history of doing dark and evil things in the name of a god that, according to the bible, drowned everyone/everything on the planet except Noah, his family, and the two of every “kind” of animal that was allowed on the ark. Now how is that not dark and evil?

Then there’s Moises Esteves of USA Ministries, who took ignorance to the next level by claiming “The people behind the After School Satan Clubs are atheists, dressed up in scary costumes. This isn’t a satanist club. This isn’t a devil-worshiping club. These are atheists trying to scare parents with pitch fork and devil horns. It’s all designed to scare the community and ultimately to put pressure on the community to remove the Christian club.” (Read more here)

I think it’s safe to say that no Atheist is dressing up in scary costumes and threatening kids (or parents) with devil horns, pitch forks, or eternal damnation/torture. In reality it’s just the opposite, believers are the ones mentally abusing children by filling their heads with irrational fear, guilt, and the lie that they were born sinful and flawed. What kind of monster tells an innocent child such a horrible thing?

As for the The Satanic Temple, it isn’t faith-based and Satan is a symbolic or metaphorical figure and not a living entity, so they certainly wouldn’t be brainwashing kids into seeking a personal relationship with Satan, because he’s not fucking real. TST promotes rational inquiry, skepticism, and a set of guidelines so peaceful they make Jesus look like an asshole.

I just hope that parents will be open-minded enough to look past all the lies surrounding The Satanic Temple and give the after school club a chance. If you’re like me and you like what they’re doing, consider making a small donation if you can.









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