The Hijab Is Not a Feminist Statement. Get Over it.

Interesting article. Not sure I agree with everything that was said, but the writer makes some good points throughout.

While I was reading I was reminded of the chewed gum analogy that Christians use to brainwash young girls/women into believing that they’ll be dirty and unworthy of a good/godly man if they don’t remain “moral” and abstain from sex before marriage.

This way of thinking objectifies women and only perpetuates the false belief that a woman’s worth is directly tied to a modest appearance and chastity. The idea that a woman is worthless just because she shows off her hair and/or skin or because she’s not a virgin whether it was consensual or rape is repulsive and detrimental to women everywhere, especially victims of sexual assault.
What are your thoughts?
Also check out this Think Progress article on Christian “purity”.


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