Mother Teresa: Hell’s Angel *Updated*

I wasn’t planning on posting anything on this topic, but then I saw this comment on FB responding to a “meme” above) from a Patheos article on Mother Teresa.

This woman is a good example of how oblivious religious people can be. She knows nothing about the real Mother Teresa and she didn’t even read the article, she simply looked at the picture and proceeded to basically tell everyone that Mother Teresa was just misunderstood, she wasn’t really a vile person.screenshot_20160910-204953_29517925161_o

Anyone who isn’t blind to the truth knows that she never truly did any good, it was all a glorified lie.

She was a sadistic monster who enjoyed watching people suffer. She even opened a home for the “poorest of the poor” so they could die with dignity and in comfort, but that was a lie.

Mother Teresa just wanted to make sure they suffered the way Jesus would want them to, you know, so they could have a better life in a hypothetical heaven… She didn’t give a shit if their illnesses were curable, everyone was treated the same, poorly.

People died in agony because of her. Their final days consisted of being stuck with unclean needles that were used until blunt, denied pain medication, and baptized without consent. These poor people would have been more likely to actually get a visit from Jesus himself, than to receive genuine medical care at the behest of that miserable bitch.

This is the “misunderstood” woman who said “There is something beautiful in seeing the poor accept their lot, to suffer it like Christ’s Passion.  The world gains much from their suffering.” What could the world possibly be gaining from such a horrible thing? What kind of twisted person would even think something like that? Oh right, Mother Teresa and many other religious people. But apparently her suffering wouldn’t benefit the world, because she flew first class and received the very best medical care.

This repulsive old woman also vehemently spoke out against abortion after the Indo-Pakitstan war in ’71 which led to the rape of over 400,000 Hindu women. She didn’t care about what these women had gone through, all she cared about was saving those fetuses that she wouldn’t be carrying, birthing, or raising. She even went so far as to condemn a 14 year old rape victim for trying to obtain an abortion in Ireland. These are not the words and actions of a humble saint, these are the words and actions of a wicked, selfish, and domineering person.

So because people like Joanne exist, I thought I’d share Hitchen’s documentary in honor of Mother Teresa’s canonization. He would be so disappointed and disgusted if he were here to see that uncaring old bitch finally dubbed a saint.

I also recommend reading these:

3 thoughts on “Mother Teresa: Hell’s Angel *Updated*

  1. totally agree with you and it is good to see people with the courage to call a bitch a bitch! Teresa the Albanian was a regressive backward and frankly uncaring bitch of biblical proportions. she would tell people dying in agonising pain that the more they suffered then the more god and jesus loved them!!!! her only concern was converting the dying to christianity and preparing them for judgement before her fake deity. she was not even a nurse and provided no medical care simply wandering around orphanages signing up the orphans to her cult and then wandering round the death wards convincing the ignorant for most part uneducated poverty stricken folk of Calcutta that they needed to let go of their (equally) barbaric multi god religion of hinduism and seek forgiveness from her jesus! sick sick sick!!!


  2. Written language is a funny thing. It’s the go to form of communication when the spoken word is not practical. There are no visual or auditory cues for nuanced, no avenue for direct clarification or questioning. The communicator must employ literary techniques that are subject to interpretation. For instance, using a metaphor like “opiate of the masses”. The author assumes the reader can conceptualize the authors meaning. The reader is free to her’s or his on spin on the meaning. To me the meaning the author intended is clear and that’s my point. Metaphors are subject to interpretation. Being a literalist isn’t as much fun or satisfying but there is no mistaking your message.


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