Hello Miss, Do You Have A Minute…

I got a knock on my front window this morning, which I thought was weird because I’ve got a doorbell. The cats and I head to the front room and through the blinds I could see a young woman in a dress modest enough for my late great-grandmother, so I already knew it could only be church people. 

I answered but didn’t open the security door (because stranger danger), and the man instantly and spiritedly begins his “Hi! we’re from the Presbyterian church, do you have a moment to talk about…”But he didn’t get to finish because I cut him off with a blunt “I’m an Atheist and I’m not interested.” The guy replied with a sad “oh…. ok.” Could I have been Nicer? Maybe.

In hindsight, I kind of wish I had listened to their sales pitch since they’re the first proselytizers we’ve had while living in this apartment. But at that moment I was just thinking about how I deal with these people on Twitter almost daily and I wasn’t in the mood for a debate. My boyfriend was disappointed that he missed them because he’s been eagerly waiting for this moment, he probably would have been disappointed anyway, they didn’t seem like the type of people that would debate.

If there’s a next time I think I’ll let them waste their time trying, maybe if I take up all their time it’ll save someone else from being brainwashed.


5 thoughts on “Hello Miss, Do You Have A Minute…

  1. I now keep some Pastafarian literature handy near the door. Next time I get preachers (and we really don’t get them very often) I’m ready. My first question is – do they think that people should be open to changing their minds about religion when a preacher talks to them about their faith? They do? Then since they knocked on my door I get to go first – and I’m ready to tell them all about His Noodliness the FSM, and how they should be open to being Touched by His Noodly Appendage. I have a Pirate Hat, and my FSM clergy ID card, and I have some tracts ready to give them. I’m hoping for some preachers to show up soon!

    I also carry a few FSM tracts in my purse. I’ve had street preachers try to hand me tracts, and I only agree to take one if they’ll take one of mine and read it.

    I had a friend who spent some time telling the Mormons at his door all about the worship of Thor. They not only never came back to his house, but they also would cross the street to avoid walking past it!


  2. people like that have an endless supply of time. in fact they tend to be unemployed and devote their entire life to spreading their message of religion. to allow them into your home would serve no purpose other than to encourage them in the belief that you are weak in your lack of faith and that jesus can save you. a better option would be to call the police and report these people for harrassment and using abusive language (i.e he threatened me saying that if I don’t accept jesus I will burn for eternity). By law that is an assault. If he has time to spare let him spend it at the local police station!


  3. I wrote about similar experiences I have had. I created a three fold handout to give to the proselytizing folks that come to my door. I had a great time creating it and it is available on the post to open and download it if you want.


  4. I created a trifold flier for the occasion. It’s an in your face, how dumb can you get type of thing that leaves little room for dialogue. It’s available for downloading on my blog. I’m not trying to change minds more than an expression of complete dismissal.


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