Response to Muslim men who like to brag about circumcision

*Disclaimer (for the people that only read the first line and then leave angry comments.) I’m aware that Islam isn’t the only religion that promotes circumcision. However only Muslim men have sent me pictures like the one above and lectured me about how great it is.

This post is dedicated to the many Muslim boys who felt the need to inform me about how awesome circumcision is by sending me the incredibly moronic picture above, but it’s also for anyone else who is pro-circumcision. I’m fucking tired of hearing your willfully ignorant bullshit.
islamIf you want to mutilate your own genitals for aesthetic purposes, go for it. If you have a legit medical issue that requires circumcision, that’s fine. But you have no right to cut your son up, their body is not yours to cosmetically alter.

Removing a babies foreskin as a preventative measure makes as much sense as pulling out all their teeth because they might, one day, get a cavity.

According to the American Cancer Society About 8,720 new cases of testicular cancer will be diagnosed this year and about 380 men will die of testicular cancer. Despite this fact, no one removes an infants testicles because they might cancer in the future.

This question is for people who follow a religion that promotes/requires circumcision. Why would your god create the foreskin if it’s so detrimental to your health? Why create an imperfect penis?

Now for some facts:

– Circumcision in the US was recommended to stop boys from masturbating, it was uncommon here until the late 1800’s.

– During the Victorian era doctors also justified female circumcision for the same reason.

– Female circumcision is now known as FGM or female genital mutilation and was only made a crime against federal law in the US in 1997, there are still 26 states where it is not a crime.

– There are no laws in the US to protect males from genital mutilation.

– The American Association of Pediatrics no longer advocates or recommends circumcision.

– There are 20,000 – 70,000 nerve endings in the foreskin.

– every year in the US more than 100 baby boys die because of circumcision, either during the procedure or after due to complications/infection.

– Circumcision affects women as well, by causing vaginal pain (dyspareunia), dryness during intercourse, and difficulty achieving orgasm.

– Removing the foreskin leaves the head exposed causing it to become desensitized, not to mention the head isn’t even the most sensitive part to begin with. You can read up on a study here:

– Circumcision has been linked to erectile dysfunction, does not decrease the risk of HIV or other STDs, can decrease penile sensitivity by up to 75%, can cause painful and/or crooked erections.

– The foreskin is not “dirty” and it provides it’s own form of lubrication which makes sex more pleasurable for both partners.

An in-depth look at the functions and benefits of the foreskin:

Full penis length and circumference. The “prepuce” (foreskin) constitutes 50% or more of the skin system of the penis. If unfolded and spread flat, the average adult foreskin measures 60-90 square centimeters (10-14 square inches), or about the size of an index card. The foreskin creates a visibly longer penis, especially when the foreskin extends beyond the head of the penis. Also, the double-layered tissue of the foreskin engorges with blood during erection and creates a visibly and sensually thicker shaft and glans.When the engorged foreskin retracts behind the coronal ridge of the glans, it often creates a wider and more pronounced “ridge” that many partners find especially stimulating during penetrative intercourse. The circumcised penis appears truncated and thinner than a full-sized intact penis.

Protection. The sleeve of tissue known as the foreskin normally covers the glans and protects it from abrasion, drying, callusing (keratinization), and environmental contaminants. The glans is intended by nature to be a protected internal organ, like the female clitoris. The effect of an exposed glans and resulting keratinization on human sexual response has never been studied. Increasing reports by circumcised men indicate that keratinization causes a loss of sexual sensation, pleasure and fulfillment.

Ridged bands. The inner foreskin contains bands of densely innervated, sexually responsive tissue. They constitute a primary erogenous zone of the human penis and are important for realizing the fullness and intensity of sexual response.

Gliding action. The foreskin is the only moving part of the penis. During any sexual activity, the foreskin and glans work in unison; their mutual interaction creates a complete sexual response. In heterosexual intercourse, the non-abrasive gliding of the penis in and out of itself within the vagina facilitates smooth and pleasurable intercourse for both partners . Without this gliding action, the corona of the circumcised penis can function as a one-way valve, dragging vaginal lubricants out into the drying air and making artificial lubricants essential for non-painful intercourse.

Specialized sensory tissue. In addition to the “ridged bands” mentioned above, thousands of coiled fine-touch receptors (Meissner’s corpuscles) constitute the most important sensory component of the penis. The foreskin contains branches of the dorsal nerve and between 10,000 and 20,000 specialized erotogenic nerve endings of several types, which are capable of sensing slight motion and stretch, subtle changes in temperature, and fine gradations in texture.

The frenulum. This is a highly nerve-laden web of tissue that tethers the inner foreskin to the underside of the glans [see photo]. It is similar to the frenula found under the tongue, the upper lip and the clitoral hood (female foreskin). For many intact men, the penile frenulum is a male “G-spot” that is highly pleasurable when repeatedly stretched and relaxed during sexual activity. Depending on the surgical method used, the frenulum is partially to completely destroyed by circumcision.

Proper blood flow. The foreskin contains several feet of blood vessels, including the frenular artery and branches of the dorsal artery. The loss of this rich vascularization interrupts normal blood flow to the shaft and glans of the penis, damaging the natural function of the penis and altering its development.

Immunological defense. The soft mucosa of the inner foreskin produces plasma cells, which secrete immunoglobulin antibodies, and antibacterial and antiviral proteins, such as the pathogen-killing enzyme called lysozyme. All of the human mucosa (the linings of the mouth, eyelids, vagina, foreskin and anus) are the body’s first line of defense against disease. This benefit of the foreskin could be one possible explanation why intact men are at lower risk of chlamydia and other sexually transmitted diseases.

Langerhans cells. These specialized epithelial cells are a component of the immune system and may play a role in protecting the penis from sexually transmitted infections such as HIV (AIDS).

Proper lymph flow. The foreskin contains lymphatic vessels, which are necessary for proper lymph flow and immunological functioning.

Estrogen receptors. The foreskin contains estrogen receptors, whose purpose is not yet fully understood and needs further study.

Apocrine glands. These glands produce pheromones, nature’s invisible yet compelling signals to potential sexual partners. The effect of their absence on human sexual behavior has never been studied.

Sebaceous glands. The oils produced by these glands lubricate and moisturize the foreskin and glans, so that the two structures function together smoothly.

Dartos fascia. This is a smooth muscle sheath that underlies the scrotum, the entire penis and the tip of the foreskin. It is necessary for proper temperature regulation of the genitals (causing these structures to elongate in the heat and shrink in the cold). Approximately half of the Dartos fascia is destroyed by circumcision.

Natural texture and coloration of the glans. In the intact penis, the glans normally appears moist, shiney, and pinkish-red to dark purple. These visual cues often attract and excite a sexual partner. The glans of a circumcised penis is dry, rough and often light pink to bluish-gray in color.

Zero risk of serious infection or surgical injury. Unfortunate boys who suffer botched circumcisions lose part or all of their penis from surgical mishap or subsequent infection. They are often “sexually reassigned” by castration and “transgender surgery.” They are relegated to a life of hormone therapy and are compelled to live their lives as pseudo-females, the success of which has never been fully assessed.

Zero risk of death from surgery. Every year boys die from the complications of circumcision, a fact that the American circumcision industry ignores, obscures, or downplays.

Zero risk of delayed or diminished maternal bonding. Circumcision, even if anesthesia is used, causes unavoidable operative trauma and post-operative pain that has been shown to disrupt bonding with the mother, which in turn interferes with the first developmental task of every human, that of trust (trust in human contact, in personal safety, etc).

Electromagnetic “cross-communication.” Anecdotal reports suggest that, without the mucosa of its foreskin, the penis lacks the capacity for the subtle electromagentic energy transfer that occurs during contact between two mucous membranes (the vaginal walls and the exposed inner lining of the foreskin). Such contact contributes to the full experience of sexual pleasure. These reports deserve further scientific study.

The foreskin is necessary for optimal health and well-being of the male, as well as contributing to fulfillment in his sexual relationships

(site provides sources)



2 thoughts on “Response to Muslim men who like to brag about circumcision

  1. I think this generation for the most part is turning things around and not as gullible thanks in most part to the Internet (not the doctors who are raking in the cash)

    Despite the debunked medical information and propaganda disseminated by Hollywood films and television run by Jews hell bent on stigmatizing foreskin, the generally ignorant American people are finding the truth, slowly. After what? A solid 80 years, millions of children unquestionably put through a pointless and definitively harmful procedure. That will definitely skew a cultures perspective on “normal.”

    Girls don’t know dick about dick and generally they don’t care. I’ve slept with 60? 70? God only knows how many and A) They are way more concerned about how they look than your dick and B) Are generally very shy in the communication department. They don’t own a penis, so even if it is her most likely first foreskin experience she will suck regardless. Teach her/show her what to do, this takes confidence and will turn her on (pull up don’t forcefully retract it can be painful, nibble, bite and suck on the foreskin and stick your tongue underneath it to swirl around the head)

    I wish I had been told any of this as a kid, I was extremely self conscious about my dick growing up in what appeared to be an entirely circumcised culture. Also, bullying is the worst excuse to conform to any sort of culture. Parents lukewarm excuses on why they circumcise, so he won’t get “teased” in the locker room is beyond retarded. Let him be bullied and have him stand up for himself and his beliefs. It makes a boy tough as dirt and care less what anybody thinks which is excellent training for the real world.

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