American Nightmare

Today is a sad day for America, and for me personally, because Trump officially tagged Mike Pence as his VP running mate and I know he is accepting because the Gov. of Indiana was going to run for re-election but formally withdrew from the ballot after Trumps announcement. Yay…

Trumps choice spells trouble for a great many Americans, especially women. In March of this year Gov. Pence signed HEA 1337 into law, which imposed harsh restrictions on abortion access. This disgusting law prevents women from terminating a pregnancy based on the sex, race, color, ancestry, or disability of the fetus. It goes without saying that Mike Pence will also not support abortion even if the woman contracted the Zika virus, which very frequently results in microcephaly, while pregnant. In fact, Pence is so anti-choice he even thought the 107th Congress should “enact a human life amendment to the Constitution of the United States.”

I’m sure many are already shaking their heads in anger and disbelief, but it gets even better! Hea 1337 also “ensures the dignified final treatment of the unborn”. That’s right, fetus funerals. This law requires the healthcare facilities to basically give a miscarried or aborted fetus a funeral via burial or cremation, regardless of the fetal age. As a bonus, doctors can now be liable for “wrongful death” if they perform an abortion for any of the prohibited reasons stated above.

Another problem I have with him is that he wants parental notification and consent to be required before allowing minors to obtain contraceptives from a clinic. I am very against this because I know that most religious parents will deny them access and expect them to “stay pure”, which will just further increase teen pregnancy and poverty rates.

Before I move on to the next issue I just want to take a quick second to point out that no woman dreams about having an abortion. We don’t wake up thinking “you know what would be fun? an abortion!” and then go out and get pregnant. Birth control fails, condoms can slip off or tear,  irregular periods can make it difficult to track ovulation, some women don’t even know how to track ovulation, and most teen pregnancies result from lack of sex education. Accidents happen, and no woman should be forced to have a child against their will just because some people can’t mind their own fucking business.

Trumps choice for VP also threatens the progress we’ve made for the LGBT community, as he is also a longtime supporter of the Anti-LGBT movement. In 2000 part of his congressional platform was bringing an end to the don’t ask/don’t tell policy of allowing gay men/women to serve in the armed forces because “homosexuality is incompatible with military service.” which is absolutely ridiculous for a number of reasons, one of them being a lack of evidence to support this claim.

Gov. Pence also believes that Congress should redirect federal funds from “organizations that celebrate and encourage the types of behaviors that facilitate the spreading of the HIV virus”, to institutions that provide detrimental conversion therapy. I mean why treat HIV/aids, educate people about safe sex practices, and set up needle exchange facilities to reduce the spread of infection, when you can just cause permanent psychological damage instead, right? Makes perfect sense, said no reasonable person ever.

According to Pence he is a “Christian, a conservative and a Republican, in that order” and he’s all about restoring the moral integrity of America. As a Christian he thinks Congress should oppose any effort to recognize homosexual’s as a “discreet and insular minority” entitled to the protection of anti-discrimination laws similar to those extended to women and ethnic minorities. It’s pretty obvious that this is not a rational individual.


As a Congressman he was a champion for conservative religious views such as opposing embryonic stem cell research, temporarily cutting off new federal funding for PP, and trying to deny same sex couples the right to marry. While we’re on the topic of religion I’d like to point out that the Governor, like a great many Christians in America, doesn’t believe in evolution, is pro-Israel, and would like prayer brought back into schools. Christian prayer only, of course, cause anything else would just be wrong.

If Trump & Pence win the election you can kiss funding for scientific research goodbye, because neither of them believe in climate change and Trump doesn’t even believe California is experiencing a drought. This Hardball with Chris Matthews video features Pence talking a bit about his views on evolution and climate change.

I have been a dedicated Sanders supporter from the start, and I still believe in him, his cause, and his dreams for this country and it’s people, however, this election has been rigged against him from the very beginning and despite my deep desire to see him take the oval office, I know it’s not going to happen this time and that’s really upsetting.

So in November I will, with an extremely heavy heart, vote for Clinton. I know it makes me a hypocrite and I feel awful about that but when I consider that, thanks to asshole Republicans, Scalia’s seat is still open and R.B.G will be stepping down soon we could have a Supreme Court that is majority conservative Christian if Trump wins. As an atheist and antitheist the thought of living under a conservative Christian government and watching my rights and the rights of others stripped away makes me sick. I cannot stand by and allow these people to take over.

Despite the fact that I won’t be writing Bernies name in on the the ballot this time, I haven’t given up on a political revolution. Great change can be made in other ways and I intend to help make that change happen. Hopefully this will be the last time I am forced to vote for the lesser of two evils.

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