My Thoughts on The Ark Encounter and The Story Of Noah’s Ark

As if the Creation Museum wasn’t bad enough, we now have the Ark Encounter, a $100 million monstrosity that spans a ridiculous 510 feet long, 85 feet wide, and 51 feet high.

The official site claims it to be “the worlds largest timber-frame structure”, and most people would probably be impressed by that, but when I look at it the first thing that comes to mind is all the trees that were cut down to build a theme park that glorifies the worst genocide the world has ever seen. That is, if you believe that the great flood actually happened.

I can only imagine how grossly excited many Christians were when they found out that Ken Ham was building a replica of Noah’s Ark, and that for only $40 per adult & $28 per imageskid, they would finally get to experience the thrill of the legendary boat supposedly built by a 500 year old guy who heard the “voice of god” tell him “Noah, The end of all flesh is come before me; for the earth is filled with violence through them; and, behold, I will destroy them with the earth.” Sounds very convincing… if you’re completely delusional or a vulnerable child.

The parks site claims to be “full of world-class exhibits designed to answer your questions about the biblical account of Noah’s Ark.” I really wish that were true because that $100 million could have eased a lot of suffering, but instead it was used to build a brainwashing facility that Christian parents across the country are flocking to.

It’s absolutely despicable, and in my opinion abuse, to deny children a genuine
education. To try to pass off biblical fairy tales as truth and fill their eager little minds with antiscience is horrible. Christian parents will actually pull their children out of school to visit this place in the hopes that they’ll unlearn the “Satanic lies” of evolution that they were taught in school. It’s crazy how ingrained these beliefs are, and it’s sickening the way people like Ken Ham lie to children for profit and people revere them for it.

I highly recommend reading the hilarious and depressing reviews for Ark Encounter here:

As for the story itself, there are so many things that just don’t add up. The Epic of Gilgamesh is an issue, because it was written at least 1000 years prior to Noah’s story and the two have an awful lot of similarities, one might even say the Christians made a few changes and claimed it as their own. We also have records showing that China, Babylon, Mesopotamia, and even Egypt were all flourishing during the time that Noah’s flood is said to have happened, so that totally destroys the claim that it was a global catastrophe. Plus, in 2006 Hawaii had a rain streak of 40 days which totaled 92 inches of rainfall, and yet somehow the whole world survived, even Hawaii. So I’m not buying that the entire world was destroyed by a rainstorm that lasted 40 days and 40 nights. It’s also odd that such a flood didn’t leave any geological evidence behind.

Even if we suspend our disbelief and say the flood really did happen, that asshole Noah only took 7 humans with him, which means thousands, if not millions would have drowned. After the rain stopped there would have been bloated dead bodies everywhere, the smell would have been horrendous. Not to mention heartbreaking, but I’m sure Noah didn’t mind seeing all the dead infants and children strewn about, I mean, he did make the conscious decision to leave them behind to die. Also, did they bury all these people or did god just beam them up like on Star Trek? If they buried them, how?

Now, since the flood has ended and the 8 of them are back on what would be mush, not dry land, there’s the issue of repopulating , with only 4 men and 4 women left on earth, there is going to be some serious inbreeding at some point, which would inevitably lead to birth defects. That’s assuming that all 4 men and women are even able to reproduce, because in reality, infertility is a problem for some.

Growing crops wouldn’t be possible either, not for quite a while anyway, the soil would be ruined. Not to mention that most of the earths vegetation would now be dead. A great many fish & other marine creatures would be dead as well, considering god just poured a shit ton of fresh water into the ocean. I feel like a lot of marine life would have been stranded on land too, since water supposedly covered everything.

It seems that no matter how many holes are poked in this story, or how much evidence the scientific community gathers, there will never be enough to make people like Ham shut the fuck up and accept reality.

As for the animal issue, everyone always focuses on how they all fit on the boat, but that is just one of many questions that have not been answered, or at least not adequately.
Below is my list of questions regarding the animals of the ark.

How is it that they just happened to come in pairs with just 1 male and 1 female?

How did the animals know where to go, and how did they get there? Because we all know that many species are only found in certain parts of the globe.
This gets even more confusing and ridiculous if they try to claim the animals were babies. Did the parents of these baby animals just drop them off at the ark?

There’s also the issue of habitats and food, many animals have specific habitat and dietary requirements. Each animals would have different dietary needs, and the needs of baby animals is even more specific.

Before the animals got on board, how is it that none of the carnivorous animals ate any of the smaller/weaker ones?

What if one of the animals in a pair was infertile?


42 thoughts on “My Thoughts on The Ark Encounter and The Story Of Noah’s Ark

  1. You seem to be talking very passionately but the problem is with the growing number of “what ifs” in your writing. Most of your evidence against the validity of the incidence is flawed. I hope its not hatred you feel but you should take youe time and read the bible again. This time with an open mind and I bet the whole story will fall into place. Science can’t disprove these things.

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    • I guess you missed the part where Noah’s story is almost identical to the Epic of Gilgamesh, which was written 1000 years before. You should really do your research.
      You must have also missed the part about the flourishing civilizations that were around during the time the flood is said to have occurred. There are historical records proving that there was no global flood.

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    • The “evidence against the validity of the incidence (sic)”is not flawed, and it’s not a matter of “science can’t disprove it, therefore the flood happened”. Are you truly that out of touch with reality? You don’t get to point to an ancient book and claim it speaks the truth, without backing up your claim. Ancient creation/flood/destruction/endtimes/saviour/god/resurrection/ etc myths abound in numerous cultures, but if you want to say that only your version is correct, then you have all your work cut out for you. Give compelling, genuine, testable evidence and proof, and both Godless Fox and I will convert in an instant! And therein lies the difference … people like us will accept evidence, but people like you don’t seem to want to accept the evidence, unless it conforms to your predetermined worldview. Go and do some credible research. Compare Romulus, Osiris, Zalmoxas, et al with Jesus, then try to say that the Jesus mythology wasn’t borrowed, in part at least, from earlier beliefs.

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    • Oh sweetie, please go get a real education. Then you’ll understand. Science has already disproven all of these things. Common sense has also. Reading and closely examining the bible is the surest way to become an athiest.

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    • OK, so where in the Bible do we hear how Noah and co prevented carnivores from eating other animals? How did Noah provide polar, tropical, alpine and marine habitats? How did he get the kangaroos and koalas from Australia? The more you read the Bible, the more insane the entire story gets.

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      • You’re an inspiration. We know that our DNA shows us we share a common ancestor. Well to be precise, common ancestors form a population of fewer than 30 individuals. ThIs means no Adam, no Eve, no original sin and no Jesus. There are so many problems with the book that Christians have forced to do the mental equivalent to slight of hand to convince themselves it’s anything more than mythology.


  2. The whole story is so ridiculous that only a child, or an adult with the mind of a child, could actually believe it. Even so, I might not object so much to this idiotic boat if Ken had paid for it himself. Instead, it was partly funded by tax money from the state of Kentucky. That’s right, non-Christian taxpayers are forced to pay for this anti-science, anti-intelligence monument to gullibility. And the Fundy Christians, of course, see nothing wrong with it. The are so self-centered and self-absorbed that they never see anything wrong with anything they do.

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    • You’re another inspiration. We know that our DNA shows us we share a common ancestor. Well to be precise, common ancestors form a population of fewer than 30 individuals. This means no Adam, no Eve, no original sin and no Jesus. There are so many problems with the book that Christians have been forced to do the mental equivalent of slight of hand to convince themselves it’s anything more than mythology.


  3. One again the first question is ignored.

    Can you show that gods can actually exist.

    This must be done before you are allowed to name them and tell us what they want and did.


  4. I get the fact that you guys want facts and science. but then again if you want to compare history with another version of history(for all we know Osiris and all that is just an alternate history just to keep you satisfied) what shows the validity of the other.
    Again on the question of if gods exist I believe the answer is so close you have looked beyond. Yes gods do, And there’s a God.
    tell me how you think everything came into being.


    • If I asked you to give us some reliable, testable, irrefutable evidence for your assertion that your particular god exists, I know you wouldn’t be able to. The fact is, there is no more reason to believe in the Abrahamic god, than there is for any other god that we’ve long since put into the graveyard called mythology. If you were born in Egypt a few thousand years ago, your belief in deities like Osiris would’ve been every bit as strong as your belief in your god today.
      As for how everything came into being, a lot of rational people, along with science, don’t have a problem with saying “I don’t know”. Where I have a problem is when religious people believe that if science doesn’t know, then god must’ve done it … one of the oldest philosophical false dichotomies ever created.There will no doubt come a time when science does have an answer to this question, and invariably it will be one more thing that many religious people will marginalise themselves with. It’s never been the case that an answer to something, provided by science, has ended up being superseded by a better answer from religion.
      If you’d studied the evolution of monotheism, right back to around 10,000 years ago, you would easily be able to identify how it’s all been made, or created, by man. I’m not talking about reading a few books, but close to 10 years of study, as I have done. Who knows, maybe one of the religions that has emerged over the last 10,000 years might be true? But there’s no evidence for it


  5. I was in the christian cults for many years (Methodist). Unfortunately, there is nothing you can say to dissuade a cult believer. The truth will only come when a person voluntarily decides to investigate rationally. I did that and found my way out. On another note, though, I would definitely go see Ken’s Ark for the same reason I’d visit a Roman cathedral or a Hindu temple. Sociology is interesting to me. Religion is fascinating to observe.


  6. Have all of you gotten this worked up about Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny? I can tell none of you are very well informed about the Arc Encounter as I have spent about 5 minutes reading local news reports and know that no tax dollars were used to build the exhibit. I would suggest you actually do some reading about the facts of the exhibit. Perhaps you might want to do a little research on the scientific facts behind evolution as well. I find it much easier to believe in a worldwide flood than matter from nothing, life from no life, and design from chaos.

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    • Has belief in the Easter Bunny or Santa ever caused wars? Do people murder in the name of Santa or the Easter Bunny? No, the answer is no. There are a great many reasons to get “worked up” over religion, especially since it affects everyone, not just those practicing religion. And I’m incredibly sorry that you are so unintelligent that you would believe a global flood with no evidence over genuine science. If you are one of those people that thinks a theory is just an idea, you should really get a dictionary.


      • Godless Fox, I think your logic is very inconsistent. You blame religion for murder and death. Yet the more death has been caused by atheism by far. Pol Pot in Cambodia responsible for 1-3 million deaths; Mao of China 20 – 30 million deaths; Stalin for 3- 10 million; and Hitler. All of these men godless and atheist. Then we can turn our attention to evolution and how it has been used to justify anything from genocide to slavery. So I find your concern for life a bit disingenuous.

        By the way there is all kinds of evidence for a global flood. We could start at marine fossils on Mt Everest and work down from there. I think you’d find a visit to the Ark Encounter very scientific and educational.

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      • Stalin, Mao, and Pol Pot were atheist, however, as Jim Jefferies put it “no one’s head has ever been cut off in the name of atheism.” To assert that atheists kill because of their lack of belief in god is absolutely ridiculous. Hitler wasn’t an atheist, he was a Catholic. In fact, he wouldn’t even allow atheists to join the military forces of the Nazis.


      • What do you do, just make up stuff and post it. Hitler may have had a Catholic mother but he certainly was not a practicing Catholic. Hitler’s biographer Alan Bullock said he was a rationalist and materialist “who believed neither in God nor in conscience”, and the prosecutors at the Nuremberg trials accused him of trying to eliminate Christianity in Germany. He believed in the master race and used Darwin’s theory on the lower races as scientific evidence for his beliefs. You really should educate yourself for 5 minutes before you post crap.


      • Actually, Hitler killed anyone and everyone who opposed him regardless of their religious beliefs. Hitler regarded himself as a Catholic until he died and he was never excommunicated. I honestly don’t care what you believe.


    • Todd, you don’t have a very good understanding of what drove people like Stalin, Mao, Hitler, et al, to do what they did. They were not driven by non belief in deities, but by belief in their own twisted ideologies. Just like monotheism, these people wanted a top down dictatorship, and had varying ways of achieving it. They wanted power and to impose their ideals on the masses, simple as that. Hitler didn’t want to eliminate Christianity in Germany, but to subjugate it, control it, and use it as one of his tools for control. One of the many results of his concordat with the Vatican, was that his birthday would be celebrated from the pulpits each year. Whilst he believed in a master race, trying to tie Darwin’s Evolution to what he did is a part of the wedge strategy that creationists have used for decades …. but it is 100% incorrect. The only scholars you get saying this are generally ones from places like the Discovery Institute.
      To say “Yet the more death has been caused by atheism by far” is quite demonstrably incorrect. Atheism is not an ideology, a worldview, or a dogmatic belief system, it is simply the non acceptance of a god, which could even be Thor. To say that an enormous amount of death has been caused by varying religions, is demonstrably correct. We could argue about these people forever, but the bottom line is that there is no evidence for your assertion.
      In the same way, there is no evidence for one catastrophic worldwide flood … none whatsoever. You can throw whatever you like at that, but it won’t change the fact there is zero evidence. The one major difference between people like Godless Fox and myself, and people who are creationists, is that we will accept evidence that will change our understanding of the world, creationists will not accept any evidence that goes against their predetermined worldview.
      When you say “Perhaps you might want to do a little research on the scientific facts behind evolution” it is clear that you are the one who should be doing research. When you follow that comment with ” I find it much easier to believe in a worldwide flood than matter from nothing, life from no life, and design from chaos” if you are trying to connect (and I don’t know if you are) evolution with life from no life and design from chaos, you are very much mistaken.
      If creationists had guaranteed testable irrefutable evidence (for example) for a flood, for intelligent design, for the variety and dispersion of life across our planet in a few thousand years, then they should put it out there, not just use an ancient set of manuscripts as the major evidence.


      • I agree with a few nuggets in your response. I wouldn’t mind having an intelligent dialogue with you on any one of the many topics. I’ll let you decide. First of all, how do you define worldview? If their were a worldwide flood what would you expect to find as evidence?


    • Todd, reading your comment leads me to believe that you don’t think that all life evolved from simpler beginnings. Too bad for you because if you could understand that simple concept (Darwin’s idea that the mechanism for evolution was natural selection), it is unlikely that you would understand the simple reasoning behind why the story of Noah’s arc does not make sense.

      Anyway, enjoy your religious delusions.


      • atanu, simple is the key word. The simplest cell contains the same amount of information that is contained in 1,000 encyclopedias. It is irreducibly complex. Our understanding of cells and specifically DNA has put a nail in the coffin of evolution over the past couple of decades. Charles Darwin said himself in Origin of the Species – “If it could be demonstrated that any complex organ existed which could not possibly have been formed by numerous, successive, slight modifications, my theory would absolutely break down.” The wrist, the eye, red blood cells are all examples of anatomy that are irreducibly complex.

        There are so many scientific flaws with evolution and atheism in general. A book out there by Frank Turek, “I Don’t Have Enough Faith to be an Atheist” is a great read for those truly interested in truth. Happy reading.

        Roman 1:20-21


      • There is no flaw to Atheism, it’s not a belief or belief system, it’s a lack of belief. It takes no faith to reject an outlandish idea or fairy tale. There’s no more evidence to support your god than there is to support the existence of winged unicorns. Would you say it takes a lot of faith to reject the existence of winged unicorns?


      • When I see a watch I conclude that there is a watchmaker and I would argue it is a matter of logic and not faith. It would be a matter of faith if I looked at a watch and believed it just randomly happened.


  7. “God did it” is the catchall anwser for all your question, when you have your magical genie filling all the holes in your flawed story, evidence and reason lose their meaning and any absurdity becomes acceptable.


    • I’m sure that’s the answer many would give, but it’s not an acceptable answer. Until they can explain things in a rational manner and/or show evidence I will continue to hound them with these questions.


  8. While I agree that frauds like ham need getting. I as a Christian don’t accept it as the faith’s fault but people whoa r bad people trying to use the faith for nefarious means. By the way comparative religion courses will tell you borrowed ideas from other religions is very rare in this case unnecessary as its near a body of water. Now to the person who said we should study figure like romulus we have they have nothing in common with jesus and yes that is you look at facts not people who beleieved ppshyics talked to them or beleieved in atlantis.


    • It’s good to see a christian acknowledging people like Ken Ham as a fraud. As for the “borrowing” of religious ideas, you have some research to do. The stories of mythical figures like Romulus, Osiris, Mithras, Zalmoxas, just to name a few, all bear remarkable similarities to Jesus. The similarities are so great, and so numerous, that thousands of scholars have long since given up trying to justify their findings, just like we don’t bother justifying that the earth is not flat. The objective facts are there, and It is what it is, simple as that. People like me just go where the evidence sends me, and I don’t care about the potential impact of those answers, only that the are true.


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  10. Once again the mindless speak. All upset at the tax dollars NOT spent on Ham’s park. And upset at the peaceful, positive message that is the gospel of Jesus Christ via Noah’s ark. Upset that Ham CREATED jobs…(unlike our Leftist Prez). And….the WORST? The godlessfox simply can’t see her own evolution fairytale w/ it’s millions of miracles. She’s upset at God’s miracles associated w/ the flood but she’s all okay w/ the stellar evolution to biological evolution’s myriad of miracles like the origin of the universe-that’s just for starters. Or how life got here. Or anything in the evolution myth. Here’s my guarantee-“fox” can’t give us one fact of evolution. 100% guaranteed. The only thing she can do is give us a variety and claim “microbes to man” evolution.


    • When you say things like “stellar evolution to biological evolution’s myriad of miracles like the origin of the universe” you only show your lack of understanding of the Science of Evolution. The equivalent would be me saying to you that “the bible never talks of someone named Jesus”! You would tell me I don’t understand the bible, and you could show me, correct me, and I would accept it. We could show you proof of the Science of Evolution, but because of your predetermined worldview, you would never accept that proof.


  11. Hi The Godless Fox, thank you for sharing your thoughts on this event. I enjoyed reading it and pondering what you have said. I thank you for being so bold, and making this post both exciting and interesting to read. 🙂 I hope you had a good time in Kentucky, even though I am sure it was frustrating at times, and I hope that things are going well in your life. While I agree with you that I personally think that Ken Ham could’ve utilized his money to help people in need instead of the an expensive park, I do feel like this article has looked over a few things.

    I am a Christian who believes in a global flood and in the young earth. I know, I am now seen as a fool. But as I prepare to write out the evidence that I have researched, I would like to argue this one point: not all creationists are internet trolls who are uneducated. My perspective on things, and my worldview has shaped the observable evidence that we see today. And there are a few theories in creation science as well that may answer or address some of the holes of this story, the global flood, from a humanist perspective.
    All I want to do is share my perspective, in a respectful manner. You don’t need to reply, and you do not need to “convert.” All I ask is that you read this with an open mind, as I read your article with an open mind. I am a man of many words, so this may take a few moments to read. If I am in any way offensive, I apologize about that. 😦

    First off, the The Epic of Gilgamesh was written at about 2100 BCE, and the flood has been estimated to be around 2300 BCE, so two hundred years before our earliest record of The Epic of Gilgamesh. Also, the Epic of Gilgamesh was originally a tablet of stone, so even if it was written before the global flood, it could’ve potentially survived it.
    You also made mention that Hawaii has received a streak of rain for forty days, and obviously both Hawaii and we are still here. However, the Bible gives a little more detail then it just rained for forty days: “In the six hundredth year of Noah’s life, in the second month, on the seventeenth day of the month, on the same day all of the FOUNTAINS OF THE GREAT DEEP burst open, and the FLOODGATES OF THE SKY were opened.” (Genesis 7:11; NASB). I apologize for the caps. Since I can’t italicize, I had to use them to add emphasis.
    According to this passage, the earth was flooded because water came bursting through the ground, and from the sky (Creationists theorize a canopy of water (Canopy Theory) or ice covered the earth’s atmosphere, which allowed there to be a thicker atmosphere (that consequently allowed larger plants, many more plants, large reptiles (dinosaurs), and longer human life. It’s conditions are theorized to be similar to the Hyperbolic Oxygen treatment chambers we have today)). With the addition of water bursting from the ground, and falling from the sky, enough of a volume could flood the entire earth.
    As for the geological evidence, I can argue that the geological column, petrified trees, fossil record, large oil fields, and coal is evidence of the remains of earth before a flood. Petrifying of wood (and other items) doesn’t take long, especially if the wood is water logged. We see evidence of that today in Spirit Lake after the eruption of Mount Saint Hellenes. Lots of vegetation (and mammal remains) were crushed (and buried) by heavy water. Depending our world views, we look at the same bits of evidence with different perspectives.
    As for the bodies, I bet they wouldn’t float, because they would be eventually be waterlogged. Noah was told by God that the earth was about to be flooded, I wonder if he warned anyone? The Bible doesn’t clarify if that happened. But chances are he was mocked: I bet he was inland, and according to the Canopy Theory, there wasn’t as much water in the sea because it was stored underground and in the atmosphere. So chances are, they blew him and his warnings off. The bodies were more than likely buried when the water receded. We can observe that when there is a lot of water, moving at rapid speeds, lots of landscaping and movement of items can happen (such as Big Thompson Canyon Flood, Mount Saint Hellenes, etc). Chances are, if the bodies were waterlogged, they sunk to the bottom where they are burred by the receding water and debris.
    I could argue the land was dry. Archaeologists claim that Noah’s ark remains were found toward the peak of Mount Ararat in Turkey (about 10,000 to 16,000′ in elevation). Whether it is or not, I am unsure. Also, the Bible has very clear records of which day the events happened, how long they took, so we can observe that Noah spent about one year on the ark. This would give plenty of time (especially for higher elevations) to dry.
    Most of the earths vegetation would be dead, but I am sure that different seeds would’ve washed into fertile soil, and started to grow when light and air was available. Also, I am sure that genetically, things were getting messed up. This can be seen as evidence because the lifespan of the children of Noah and his descendants decreased as time and generations passed.
    We can observe that gradual changes to the water composition can change salt water fish into fresh water fish. This observable micro-evolution is the adaptation that the fish made to the new environment. Arguably, this gave enough time for the fish to move from salt to fresh water conditions. The marine life stranded on land is observable today, not only are there different marine fossils on high altitudes (such as coiled marine cephalopods are found as high as Nepal). Also, I bet some lakes (or even valleys) were created by a global flood.
    Finally, for the list of excellent questions you have at the end of your article:
    1. How is it that they just happened to come in pairs with just 1 male and 1 female?
    * Great question. While we are not entirely sure, I am sure Noah thought the same thing. But, consider this quote by Aaron Stone, lead singer of a rock band called My Epic: “I always reason from the biggest to smallest when I am confused. I’ve truly come to know God Almighty, who was able to create the entire universe. What other miracle seems daunting after the first one is considered?” While I can not answer this question with science along, I would have to argue that if there is no god, then a lot of things in the Bible are impossible. But, I argue that we have sufficient evidence that events in the Bible happened, and lots of evidence that God exists. Even modern evidence and cognitive understanding of religion (such as the works of Dr. Andy Thomson, who’s an atheist) can support the evidence of God. So, I could argue that out of God’s sovereignty, He brought the animals to Noah. I also could argue that this is evidence for an open system universe.
    2. How did the animals know where to go, and how did they get there? Because we all know that many species are only found in certain parts of the globe.
    * Chances are they are not completely scattered across the globe. First off, species were not all gathered. Instead, it was two of every KIND of animal (see Genesis 6:19), two dogs, two cats, two chickens, etc. That brings the number down a lot, and after the flood, we have lots of evidence that micro-evolution occurred. I bet the hand of God was involved in this.
    3. This gets even more confusing and ridiculous if they try to claim the animals were babies. Did the parents of these baby animals just drop them off at the ark?
    * First off, I bet not all the animals were babies. Most were probably adults. Dinosaurs may have been babies, but yet again, I might add that the hand of God was involved. If God says something will happen, He has His way of making it happen. As for dietary needs of animals, we can observe that even the jaw bones of predictor animals have teeth available to eat vegetarian diets. Chances are they ate vegetarian for the time being. And about the carnivorous animals, Noah, and the other humans (he probably was in a populated area) were able to drive them off. And I am sure the hand of God was involved in all of that.

    So basically, the one big flaw in the theory of the flood would be that there’d have to be a powerful entity, such as God. That being said, we can always argue what the evidence means, but our worldviews truly shape how we observe things. And many will never be able to reason or understand the flood because they leave out the most important piece: that God said what would happen, and He did what He said.

    I hope you have a blessed week with your friends and family, and I hope that you continue to have success wherever you go. Thank you again for your article, it helps me ponder and reason my perspective, and thank you for your boldness. May you be blessed in all aspects of your life.

    Blessings and love,
    – Caleb


  12. Yeah and we are still trying to figure out how they built the pyramids in Egypt. The best of the best engineers still can’t figure it out. For a “smart man” like (Anthony Blair) what a dumb thing to say! Wow.


  13. That was prescient of you. Check out the museum of the Bible due for competition in a few months. It’s a 430,000 sq.ft. monstrosity 2 blocks of the capital mall in DC. Brought to you by the discriminating folk at hobby lobby.


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