Christian Pill Pusher


I know it’s kind of long, but I feel that such unprofessional behavior and unsatisfactory care should be exposed in the hopes that other families won’t have the same experience. Patients suffering from mental illness, especially children, deserve quality care and compassion. Patients shouldn’t needlessly be medicated and forgotten about. The healthcare industry won’t change if we don’t speak out.


On May 24th my mother took my youngest brother (12) to Clinica Sierra Vista Children’s Behavioral Health Clinic in Bakersfield California, under the impression that his therapist had set up a psychiatric evaluation with a psychiatrist. Instead, his therapist introduced them to a Nurse Practitioner named Edwards Doug Bright, who acted extremely unprofessional, knew nothing about my brothers case, and was uncooperative with my families needs.

He started off by completely ignoring the patient sitting in front of him, preferring to ask my mother how her child was feeling and what problems he was having. She asked Mr. Bright to please talk to her son about that, as he knows best how he’s feeling and what problems he’s experiencing, this request was disregarded.

After a very short exchange Mr. Bright then decided the best course of action was to prescribe multiple psychiatric drugs, including one to treat the ADHD he doesn’t have, which neither my mother or brother were happy about and they made this clear. Mr. Bright then leaned forward with his hands folded and told them “Our heavenly father has provided us with all sorts of wonderful medications to make us feel better” thereby leaving the realm of professionalism by inserting his personal beliefs as a reason to prescribe unneeded drugs.

Understandably irritated, my mom asks “are you kidding me?” he looked confused, and she asks “what does your religion have to do with anything?” Mr. Bright responds that he never mentioned his religion. She tells him again she’s not really interested in medicating him and Bright responds with something along the lines of “why wouldn’t you want him to be normal?”.

At this point she’s very uncomfortable and flustered, so she asks for a list of all the medications he recommends so she can research them at home and get back to him. He became visibly angry, raising his voice he shouted “how many years of medical training have YOU had?!”.

My mom was furious as she stormed out holding back tears of anger.

All my family wanted was to learn how to help him better cope with some of his symptoms and manage them effectively and instead they were treated with contempt and discouraged from asking questions or doing research.

The next day a complaint was made, however, the lack of reaction my mother got when she filed the complaint leads us to believe this probably isn’t the first time Mr. Bright has displayed such intolerable behavior. The low standards and sub par care of Clinica Sierra Vista is a real problem within the health care industry as a whole and it needs must be addressed.


One thought on “Christian Pill Pusher

  1. That practitioner was unethical, immoral, and unprofessional …. not to mention disgustingly annoying! I’m really sorry that your mum and brother had to endure something so bad. In Australia we have a really good Healthcare Complaints Council who deal with practitioners like that, and dish out appropriate punishment in just about all cases. Sadly, they tend to steer clear of CAM practitioners. @berniezarsoff1

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