Ignorant Christian offended by billboard stating: Atheists Make Better Lovers (It’s true)


The article (link above) is in response to a billboard put up by The Backyard Skeptics and American Atheists which reads ” Atheists make better lovers (after all, nobody is watching.)” and is a wonderful example of the sickening mentality that too many religious people possess. 

The article reads:
“Since there is no God who judges our behavior, men and women, men and dogs, women and horses, adults and children can do anything they want together. If there is no ultimate judge or judgment, everything is up for grabs.

Keep in mind that if no one is watching atheists make better lovers, then they can also make better wife beaters, sadists, thieves, batterers, and rapists.” 

The accusations that this person is making, despite the fact that Atheists make up a very small percent of the prison population, are absolutely outrageous and highly offensive. To insinuate that we would fuck animals, molest children, or abuse our partners just because we don’t believe there’s a god watching our every move and waiting to judge us when we die is disgusting in every way. 

It’s appalling to think that the only thing holding these people back from murder, rape, child molestation, etc. is the belief that there’s a magic sky daddy watching everything they do and is just waiting to send them to hell for all eternity. 

On a lighter note you can read more about how Atheists make better lovers here:



2 thoughts on “Ignorant Christian offended by billboard stating: Atheists Make Better Lovers (It’s true)

  1. Love, love, love that billboard.

    What fascinates me is how the religious don’t know about what they don’t know. Ignorance becomes a tautology that feeds upon itself. If you think there’s nothing other than what you believe, then everything other than what you believe does not exist and anyone claiming it does is a raving lunatic.

    And these people are in Congress.

    I’ll let John bring it home:

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