Life Advice Needed

I mentioned a while back on Twitter that I was studying photography and up until now I’ve kept my “atheist” life and my ordinary life separate for safety reasons and to avoid hurting the feelings of friends and family that may be offended by some of my opinions. Continue reading


How many children die each day of hunger? 18,000. How many children die each day of poverty? 22,000. How many children are living each day in extreme poverty? 400 million. How many children are orphans? 140 million. How many children in the US suffer from mental illness? 20 percent. How many children in the world […]

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English Teachers Nightmare

“Ever notice how conservatives bitch that immigrants need to learn/speak English, and yet MANY aren’t even fluent in their own language?”
You may have seen me post the above statement on Twitter recently and I know most people probably knew exactly what I was talking about,
but I thought I’d share a couple examples anyway, just in case. Continue reading

He’s Just Telling It Like It Is

Wow, I didn’t realize that Fox News had a real journalist, good for them!

You know the Trumpflakes are foaming at the mouth right now as they angrily make calls and take to twitter to demand that the network fire him immediately. Knowing that Fox is our pumpkin-in-chief’s favorite news outlet makes it that much better, lol.